Monday, August 25, 2014

Important changes to cancellation policy.....

Dear dance students,

Please take note of the following information regarding certain policy changes.

Up until now, Melissa Rose Dance has not had an official cancellation policy, and I have been very lenient and accomodating when clients find the need to cancel. However, as demand increases and my availability becomes limited, I must make sure to respect the needs of all my students.

This past weekend I received no less than four last-minute, same-day appointment cancellations.

Each one of these appointments could have gone to other clients. In fact, I had told several other students asking for these very same sessions that I was unavailable, as lesson times are first come, first serve.

I still pay fees to rent the studio floor for the times that I reserve, and it is not fair to my students, or to other instructors sharing the studio space.

In the future, lessons not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be subject to forfeiture. Please take this into consideration when scheduling appointments.

I thank you for your understanding, and please let me know if you have any questions.