Online Lessons

Online Dance Lessons

For some who are new to dancing, the footwork can be the hardest part of getting started. New clients frequently tell me, "I have two left feet!" Sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate on technique, or the connection with your partner, when you're worried about your feet. Sometimes, going to a group class can be intimidating - perhaps the instructor moves quickly, or there are a lot of people in the class with varying levels of experience. 

Considering this, some clients like to get a head start with just the footwork, basic steps, and principles of body movement via a few video lessons (in the comfort of their own home) before going to a class. That way, you already have an idea of what the rhythm and steps are like, and you can concentrate on technique, form, leading or following, and connection when you decide to join the class. 

Because of the limitations of a video lesson (primarily the lack of tactile feedback from an instructor demonstrating how a movement or a response should feel), I offer online lessons at a discounted rate.